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API access


TestThis serves as a sandbox environment ideal for simulating transactions without real monetary involvement. You'll have access to our test cards and bank accounts, enabling you to thoroughly test your integration. During this phase, we will continue to send webhooks and email notifications, and verifications are charged for.
Live ModeWhen you're confident in your integration and ready to process actual transactions with real settlements, switch to Live Mode. It's important to note that going live necessitates a verified account and the completion of relevant configurations.

Switching Between Modes: Test and Live

QorePay Dashboard

Effortlessly switch between Test and Live modes using the toggle button situated at the top-right corner of your QorePay dashboard's menu bar.

Managing API keys

QorePay Dashboard

To handle your API keys effectively, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your QorePay dashboard.
  • Navigate to the Developers section.
  • Select "Keys" to use existing API keys or create new ones.

Authorizing API Calls

Security is paramount. All API calls within the QorePay system are authenticated. Unauthenticated API requests will result in a 401: Unauthorized status code. Please note:


Be aware

Your API key wields considerable power, capable of performing any actions within your QorePay account. For utmost security, keep it confidential and store it solely on your servers, preferably as an environment variable. Never include it in your Git repository or front-end JavaScript code.

API Endpoint Prefix

Each API endpoint in QorePay carries the prefix https://gate.qorepay.com/api/v1/. For example, POSThttps://gate.qorepay.com/api/v1/purchases/.

Bearer Token Authorization

In every API request, your API key is used as a bearer token in the Authorization header. It should be included as follows:Authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_KEY.


Another key you'll frequently utilize is the Brand ID, a unique identifier for the brand you're working with in your account. Obtain your Brand ID by accessing the Brands section in the same Developers area where you obtain your API keys. The displayed GUID serves as your Brand ID for API calls.

Feel free to create or edit multiple brands under the Brands component in the Profile section.

Speed up integration with our connectors

Before building your project, see if we've already done some of the work for you. We've created tools for popular platforms to make your integration easier.

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