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Custom Payment Flow

How it works

Occasionally, you may need more control and customization for your app's payment process. This is where direct post comes into play. With direct post, you get the APIs to charge customers, but you handle their payment info and design the user interface and payment flow yourself. This allows for a highly customized and controlled customer experience.

There are three main steps in direct charge:

  1. Initiate Payment:

    Here, you take the start by sending transaction details and the customer's payment information to the appropriate charge endpoints.

  2. Authorizing the Charge:

    The customer authorizes the charge through their payment provider (like a card issuer or bank), finalizing the payment.

  3. Verifying the Payment:

    Finally, you can use a callback or a webhook to verify the transaction.

These steps may diverge based on the chosen payment method; for instance, a card charge might entail multiple authorization steps.

In essence, the direct charge approach empowers you to craft a tailored, end-to-end payment experience that aligns precisely with your unique requirements, ensuring optimal control and customization throughout the customer's journey.